We are really sorry, but is closed. We will only talk about the martial qigong, the most represented in gong fu films (gong fu pian). Da Mo (Bodhidharma) can be said to be the founder of the martial qigong with the book he wrote at the Shaolin Temple : Yi jin jing (A classic on the transformation of muscles and sinews). Monks obtained a better physical condition but also a greater martial efficiency. The basic principle is to use one’s mind to guide the qi to the muscles so as to energize them and increase their power. With time and a deepening of the knowledge of acupuncture, techniques aiming at the vital points (Dian xue) and blood vessels (dian mai) developed. Qigong are generally good for health but some such as the ‘iron hand’ (tie sha zhang) can lead to important traumas on the hands and internal organs. See The One Armed Boxer by and with Jimmy Wang Yu. Other qigong allow taking a lot of beating without suffering from injuries. It’s the case with the ‘iron shirt’ (tie bu shan) and the ‘blanket of the golden bell’ (Jin zhong zhao). In Warriors Two by and with Sammo Hung, one of the heroes’ enemies practises the iron shirt qigong. Zhao Qian-Hua (Casanova Wong) must simultaneously attack two vital points to defeat his opponent, the latter being able to protect only one vital point at a time. Source : Tai chi chuan supérieur, Le style yang. Enseignement approfondi de la forme classique par le Dr Yang Jwing-Ming Ed : Budo
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